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Welcome to my Miscellanous links page. Here you'll find my favorite links apart from Anime.

Caught Somewhere on Web  (by Draco) - A page of MAIDEN, more MAIDEN and still a little bit of MAIDEN.

Joe's Home Page - (In Portuguese) A nice page... Has info on Games and some interesting links.

Ligia's Home Page - Well, see it for yourself... Gonna say nothing about it...

Mergulhe (by Frank) - Do you like diving? Plan to be a diver? Check out my friend's homepage

Tripod's Home Page - Well, Tripod's my host and is a very nice place to get your homepage for free. Pay them a visit.

The MIDI Farm - The way they get MIDIs, I'd say they're bearing them like animals ;-)

The Internet Karaoke Archive (The Computer Karaoke Archive) - For those of you tired with MIDI, try the .KAR files. They're MIDIs with the lyrics showing simultaneosly. Real cool.

FTP Search v3.4 - So, you know the name of an archive you're looking for, but don't know where to find it? Let FTP Search find it for you.

The Webring Homepage - Want to find lots of interesting pages about a certain subject? Don't know where to look? Well, try the page of the webrings. Don't know what a ring is? Well, a ring is a group of pages that are all linked to eachother with a main subject (aka Anime or Wildlife).

The Official Iron Maiden Page - Yes, I love this band. No, I MEAN it!!!! Up the Irons!

C. R. Flamengo - Well, I have to say this... FLAMENGO is the Best soccer team on the entire globe!!!

Tucows, The largest collection of shareware on the Internet.-  I don't know if they are the biggest, but they are the fastest and have mirrors all over the globe. - Another great place for Shareware Files.

This page is still under heavly construction. Should you have any comments, doubts or suggestions, write to me at