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Now you must be really serious about Anime. If you're thinking on taking some Japanese Classes theselinks might help you, if not, just have fun with them... Remember... They Just teach you the Basics...

Sakura Press Japanese Lessons - A very good place to start learning Japanese. You need to register yourself. (they charge nothing on it)

Absolutely learn Japanese Online - Got to say anything else?

Both of these links have not only the lessons, but they have the dialogues recorded, so you get an idea of the right pronunciation.

Jeffrey's Japanese <-> English Dictionary - This is an online dictionary which translates Romanized Words to English and English to Kanji or Hiragana / Katakana. Very Useful in my opinion. It uses JIS code.

Note: If you really want to learn Japanese, try having some classes or even Private classes. This Language sure demands a lot of effort from the student.